Almost Perfect!

Almost Perfect!

A friend, who lives most of the year in a small Mexican village, recently told me a story about Casi Perfecto! or Almost Perfect!.  One of his best friends had hired a local seamstress to make full length curtains to go across a long bank of windows.  Days and then weeks went by and still she hadn’t finished them.  At last, a month or two later, she arrived with her bundle, smiling broadly.   When they were all hung, each panel was a different length…not one was even or matched the other.  Standing back to admire her work, the seamstress clapped her hands and enthusiastically declared, “Casi Perfecto!”  Almost Perfect!  Who could argue?

I found this story delightful and just one more wonderful and vivid illustration of how much easier it is to live and love in a culture that not only allows and accepts that things are not perfect or certain, but embraces that reality.

If I truly take Casi Perfecto! to heart as I intend to, I will no longer worry about the fact that the vines I just trimmed in my secret garden have gone wild again practically overnight or the tiles I set last summer are all crooked and uneven.  I will no longer be concerned when I notice that the carwash left streaks on my windshield and didn’t actually get my car sparkling clean.  I will not get upset when I pick up my dog from the groomer and find that the kid, who was to give her just a trim, overachieved and she won’t need a cut for the rest of the summer or maybe the year!  I won’t have a melt down when I look in the mirror and see that all those miles I’ve logged on up and down hills haven’t melted even an inch off my rear.  It’s Casi Perfecto! as is.

If I truly take Casi Perfecto! to heart as I intend to, then I will be ever more mindful of the beauty of the moment, the pleasure of the company, the effort made, the best intention behind the action, the way things are.

Life was meant to be lived Casi Perfecto!  It’s just so much easier and pleasurable that way, isn’t it?

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