Are You A Healer?

You are a healer if…

You are healing. You recognize that you may have flaws and glitches and are willing to work on them. You reach out to those in need. You include others in your prayers. You are an avid listener. You pick up litter. You recycle. You conserve resources. You volunteer. You embrace and hug others profusely. You inspire, encourage and support others on their journey. You repair any enmity in your life. You forgive others. You forgive yourself. You stay grounded as a courtesy to yourself and others. You lend your power and energy to freedom. You allow others their lessons and mistakes with impunity. You allow yourself your own lessons and mistakes with impunity. You appreciate and love others exactly as they are. You appreciate and love yourself exactly as you are. You see the potential and goodness in others even when they cannot see it for themselves. You take time for yourself and make time for others. You feel that what benefits one benefits all and what harms one harms all. You cultivate a loving heart and share it. You are generous with your affection. You are alive and present here now.

Thank you for being a healer.

When did you become aware that you are a healer? What is your greatest joy in being a healer? What is your most difficult task when you practice being a healer?

Take good care. Blessed Be.

4 thoughts on “Are You A Healer?”

  1. When did I become aware that I am a healer? That is a question I never expected to see coming in my direction, nor one I would think to answer.

    If what you wrote above is the definition of a healer…then I guess I just discovered that I am one.

    That is not a label I had used for myself. I love words like inspired, inspiring, love, gratitude, freedom, wellness.

    Healer, when I think of that word I visualize somebody with some special powers. I have no special powers.

    I like to listen and be helpful. Guide people where they would like to go and perhaps shed some light in the darkness so they can see possibilities of going in a more empowering direction. It’s their choice of course and I love helping people see that it is all their choice.

    Healer. Hmmm…Thanks for the opportunity to try that word on. Like a walk in the woods!

    With love and gratitude,

  2. My mother was a woman to whom people would bring sick babies or would come with stories of loved ones in need of
    healing. She would perform ceremonies that esentially were prayers. She would focus her healing power whereever it was requested. I witnessed this all my life and assumed that I too would have that gift.
    My healing power is not exercised as hers was but I have always been aware that we all have that same power and that some people are simply
    more keenly aware and thus can recognize and direct it.
    My work in education – especially as a school counselor – often was listening while surrounding the person with my loving energy and holding them up for healing.
    Thank you, Chiara, for helping more people become aware of that which lies within each of us.

  3. Chiara what a beautiful, simple yet challenging definition of who we are as healers — all of us! Yes we are doing it –not
    perfectly but inspiring each other just as you inspire me with this cosmic vision. Small groups gathering together
    as we have empowering one another to believe again in the TRUTH and not the illusion. What I know about this truth– the secret to being the “wounded healer” is that it is very clear to me Who the Healer is in me…I am the
    channel for the Power not the power. Forgiveness and compassion are still easier for me to extend to the other often than to myself that’s where I need the strenghth of our group which is so centering.

    I love your suggestion of a healing group for the healers.
    Wether we call ouselves healers or ministers, counselors,
    listeners, friends, caring persons — we were each drawn
    to Catherine Place perhaps for this very reason in time.
    Attraction in the universe is very interesting. I’ll definetley
    be interested to contine in the Tuesday groups in August
    to be with my sister healers who are willing to extend our
    love and healing out into the cosmos together!
    Thank you for doing this in August Chiara.

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