Can You Count On It?

Can You Count On It?
The Answer Is Maybe…baby!

Have you figured out what you can count on yet?  Is there a person in your life you know you can count on?  Is there a process you can count on to achieve the results you crave?  Can you count on your time honored opinions to be correct?  Can you count on help when you need it?  Is there a time or place or person you can count on not to change?  Can you count on being happy?  Well?  Prosperous? Smart enough?  Stable? Secure? Can you count on things staying the same long enough to get a handle on them before they change again?

I’m visiting a small village in Mexico at the moment, and I have noticed that, here, the answer to any and every question ends with ‘maybe’ or tas vez!  It may be cultural but I think it’s astute.  At times it might be exasperating to cope with, like when you want or need a definitive answer, time frame or commitment.  But it’s also a lesson in flow.  It’s a lesson in faith.  It’s a lesson plan for either the forced or willing surrender of self importance.  ‘Maybe’ is something you actually can count on.  ‘Maybe’ is for sure!  ‘Maybe’ leaves open a window into the realm of all possibility.  ‘Maybe’ you’ll get your delivery on time, or your house painted tomorrow, or the internet to work today.  ‘Maybe’ the surf will be up, or the car will start, or the power will stay on.

Counting heavily on certainty increases our stress levels when certainty fails.  When what we thought would happen, was true, was valuable, was meaningful, was important, turns sideways and upside down, the idea of ‘maybe’ can even be comforting.  ‘Maybe’ something better will happen.  ‘Maybe’ everything will change again, turn right, turn our way.  It leaves a space for inevitable change.

Can I count on that?  The consistently truthful answer is ‘Maybe’…baby!  I like that!  How about you?

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  1. Chi: I read this blog at an opportune time. I was stressed about things not done and “maybe baby” was just the right medicine. The fact is my “maybes” are usually a hope for something better… eternal optimist. You are in the land of maybe manana……….hope you are having a good time. KS

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