Conspiracy Theories

There is the truth that the collective consciousness, the media, many teachers, political leaders and spiritual gurus would have us believe.  And there are other truths.

The almost universally agreed upon current truth, generates fear and loathing, undermines the common global good, grabs, takes and uses, hijacks basic human rights, declares peace and brings soldiers home only to hire unaccountable mercenaries to continue war, applauds haters and reactionaries and allows non-human paper entities legal rights and freedom to rape, pillage and plunder the world and everything in it.

This is the conspiracy theory the lower astral plane orchestrates and influences.  We buy ‘no’.  We’ve gotten used to ‘can’t’.  We believe ‘not enough’. We think it’s just the way it is.  We’ve been taught that human nature is by it’s very nature depraved.  We have accepted that power corrupts. We think money is real.  We don’t like it, but we live with it, eat it, have it streamed into our homes and downloaded it into our consciousness.  Every once in a while some of us make a feeble protest that wilts under the weight and retribution of this retched dominant truth.

It’s a conspiracy.  It appears to be the only reality.  It is, in fact, only one reality, only one truth. There are others.  And there is one in particular that consistently gives this currently dominant conspiracy theory the shake down.  Every now and then this other conspiracy’s existence and successes are reported although so rarely, most people have no idea of it’s vast possibilities.

This other truth is one that conspires to uplift and enhance the lives of every living creature on this living breathing planet.  This conspiracy is very dangerous.  This truth is called a lie by the current truth in power.  This conspiring could undermine the entire current conspiracy that has a stranglehold on truth, if given half a chance.

Here’s why:  It’s fun.  It’s alive and lively.  It captures the imagination. It feels really good.  It’s a breath of fresh air.  It’s idealistic.  It’s catchy. It’s lovely and loving. It’s free. It’s a shot at redemption. It’s cost is affordable to all.  It asks one simple thing:  change your mind.  Change your theory.  Change your perspective. Do it if you want to, because you can, because you have the right and the power to do so!

Yep it’s that simple. Just say; Yes, OK, Why not, Wow! Just change it.  Decide that in this truth, there is a loving Presence that wants you to be well, to be happy, to be prosperous, to be free from fear and want, to love, to feel joy, to experience pleasure, to laugh, to create.

One of the most alluring and powerful aspects of this conspiracy theory is that there is no one person or entity orchestrating it or pulling it’s strings.  This truth recognizes  the wisdom and power and glory in All.  Leadership is circular and inclusive and asks only that every crazy believer recognize this one unalienable truth:  You are it.  You are the one.  You are the wisdom and the power and the creator and the leader.

This Perspective of Truth, that is considered by the current sinister conspiracy theory, as the lunatic fringe, has one basic simple commandment:  Take good care.  That’s essentially it.  It suggests that we consider our stewardship of all creation as a noblesse oblige.  And why wouldn’t we be honored to take care of this creation that supports our very existence.  And why wouldn’t we want to take care of what we have manifested from this creation?

I’ll wager most may consider this conspiring perspective naïve, pointing out as the true reality, the obvious suffering, pain and despair that constitutes the lives of the largest percentage of beings on this planet.  There is no denying that reality. We witness it and we live it. That’s what the current conspiracy hath wrought.  But even amidst the pain, poverty, suffering, loss and despair, there is the choice to change one’s personal theory, change perspective.

When that can happen…and although it’s a simple process it is not at all easy…when that sliver of changed perspective grasps a lifeline and clamps on and there is the faintest hint of a victory smile… then the shift in consciousness is born and a glimmer of the essence of beauty and hope and a truth that had been hidden from view shines through.  The great difficulty and discipline is in continuing to hang onto this affirming conspiracy, despite appearances, despite afflictions, in spite of the onslaught of heavily funded contrariness with which the current dominant theory conspires to entrance and enslave us.  Perspective is power.

There may be difficult circimstances and conditions and drastic consequences to our actions that are out of our control, but with detemined courage, we always have the personal freedom of choice in how to think, what to believe, how to feel, how to treat ourselves and others.  Which conspiracy theories rule your world today?  How’s that workin’ for ya?

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