“Tingle” or “Misfire”… how to choose.

When presented with choices…decisions…options: How best to choose? How to discern? How to Know?

Our minds will intellectualize, rationalize, confuse us, negotiate with us, trick us, double~cross us, make amends with us and in the end either congratulate or chastise us. Of course we must utilize our minds. They are a great resource for gathering information, sorting it through, mulling it over, categorizing, sifting, culling and finally presenting us with the choice, the decision, the option. But truly the only way to really “know” what is best for us at any given moment is a simple process that has nothing to do with rational thinking. It has everything to do with personally and intimately knowing for ourselves what is right. It is a kind of thinking from the heart…or it sometimes feels like thinking from the gut. It is either a ‘Tingle’ or a ‘Misfire’. You can feel it.

Once all the data concerning the choice is assembled by the mind and the activity of discernment and processing is fulfilled, the decision is ready to be made. It might make perfect sense. It might be logical. It might be prudent. It might be a no~brainer. It might even seem like the only choice, the best choice, the rational choice. But if there is no ‘Tingle’, if there is no passion, if there is no energy…or positive thrust in the direction of your choice…it’s a ‘Misfire’.

Think of all the times you have made a choice based on the best available information to you. You proceed in that direction based on what your head…your mind insists it wants. Sometimes this is the best option, but it’s only best if your heart is also aligned and your inner knowing has not raised red flags or warnings that you are willfully ignoring. It’s those red flags, that churning of the gut or the lack of passion from the heart that is the true discernment.

Here are some examples from my personal experience that might illustrate this point:

Marrying for all the acceptable ‘right’ reasons except Love. Investing in what appears to be a sure thing except for the unsupported data that raises a red flag (that is ignored!). Trying to decide about a future business venture that might be good for me, but having no passion for it. Saying Yes, when No is how I strongly feel.

My point is that once we have utilized the best our mind can offer, our inner knowing must be the final verdict on the decision. It’s either a Tingle…a yes…go for it…or it’s a Misfire…a no…don’t do it (at least not right now). There is probably still no real way to predict all the variables that will affect the future outcome of our decisions. The decision is just the beginning of the action that becomes a turning point.

Everyone has had the experience of looking at life through the rear~view. With hindsight and in retrospect, a decision whose outcome has gone sideways will often be accompanied by the acknowledgment of: “I knew it! And we did. It’s just that the decision was made with only a fraction of our knowing.

Aren’t we more than one~dimensional beings? Our minds are incredible tools, and so are our thinking/feeling hearts and guts. Becoming whole beings, wholesome beings, wholistic beings seems to me to be the goal of our evolution. Our expanded consciousness is a United State of Being.

It is my hope and wish that each of us will be become aware and be able to access all of our awesome aspects and talents and Always Remember Who We Really Are.

What do you think? What process helps you make decisions?

Take good care.  Blessed Be!

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