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Giving Is Good !!!

GIVING IS GOOD !  It improves health, spreads wealth, strengthens bonds and best of all…It’s Contagious!  (from the cover of ODE Magazine December 2011)

And it’s easy!  Today is the last day to feel Good about Doing a Good Thing and get a  2011 Tax Deduction.

Circumstances for so many of us in this Hella Year 2011 may prevent us from donating to all the Doers Of Good Deeds across the globe.  Don’t you wish you could?  I DO!

But  ~hereinthe253~   We can GO LOCAL and support Women (and their children) even in a small way, by donating what we are able to a few of the important organizations providing resources and much needed Help in our community Every Day.  Just $5 to each sends a message to my heart that I care and $5 from Many of Us…Adds Up.  Below are some of my favorites, but my no means All of my favorites.  ~hereinthe253~  we have an amazing number of wonderful non-profits that struggle daily to Help and Provide for our sisters and brothers in need.  And we must remember that…there but for the grace of God go you or I.   Namaste

Catherine Place
a growing movement of hospitality and hope for women

Breast Cancer Resource Center
because no one should have to face breast cancer alone

eliminating racism~empowering women   

The Fund For Women and Girls  (TGTCF)
Girl Friend to Girl Friend/Power of The Purse

New Phoebe House
recovery is beautiful

Crystal Judson Family Justice Center
offering hope and safety

Compassionate Blessings for a better way in this New Year 2012

O X Y T O C I N !!!

P  M  S
The Ultimate Antidote?
Oxytocin! *

Pre Menstrual Syndrome…the best antidote?  Oxytocin!

Particularly Meaningful Sadness….the kindest antidote?  Oxytocin!

Protecting Momentous Secrets….the naughty antidote?  Oxytocin!

Patiently Managing Sobriety….the fun antidote?  Oxytocin!

Practiced Mental Stoicism….the lighten-up antidote?  Oxytocin!

Perennial Male Silliness….the perfect antidote?  Oxytocin!

Perpetually Misperceived Stories ….the fools antidote?  Oxytocin!

 Post Menopausal Sanity….the only antidote?  Oxytocin!

* Oxytocin…the hormone, is natural, free, healthy, pleasurable and can be made in the comfort of your own home.  It has been shown to be associated with the ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and psychological boundaries.  It is released during childbirth and lactation as well as during sexual orgasm in both men and women.  It is especially wonderful for women as an antidote to just about anything bugging the hell out of us.  Make sure to get a healthy dose of Oxytocin any way you like…and often.  It’s good for you!