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When You’re Lovers In A Dangerous Time


Don’t the hours get shorter as the day goes by
Sometimes we gotta stop and open our eyes
One minute we’re waiting for the sky to fall
The next minute we’re dazzled by the beauty of it all

When you’re lovers in a dangerous time…

Sometimes we’re made to feel as if our love is a crime
But nothing worth having comes without a fight
Got to kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight

By Bruce Cockburn



In these dangerous times, those of us who are lovers have been forced to go against our natures, take a stand, fight to hold our own.  We’d rather love, be lovers of life, lovers of liberty, of the pursuit of happiness and to live in peace and harmony.  We prefer to believe in the idealism of democracy and the unifying ties of all humanity…all living creatures on this small planet floating in space…infinity the only true border.


But these are dangerous times.  Haters have polarized ideals.  Haters fear that there is not enough to go around, have decided that some are not worthy, that diversity is a crime, that love is naïve, that war is a necessary economic, that God takes sides.


In these dangerous times we are all held hostage by insanity.  Even though there is beauty all around us, even though there are people and communities that work tirelessly on the behalf of those in need or for the betterment of all, even though nature relentlessly showers us with just the right everything to keep us breathing in the correct ratio of gases, keeps us anchored with just the right gravity, keeps the sun at just the right distance for optimal life, even though creators dazzle us with innovation and even though there is plenty…more than enough for everyone…many fail to notice or appreciate how exceedingly delicate is the balance.


To be a lover in these dangerous times means that your heart is perpetually broken.  Is it not heartbreaking to learn of the extinction of so many species, the extermination of so many cultures, the unnecessary poverty of so many people, the starvation and disease afflicting so many children, the brutal conditions endured by so many in war infested nations, the chemical chaos spewed into the environment, the abuse of authority by both church and state, as well as the renegade banking systems that have enslaved all of us on this planet in varying degrees?


What does it take to turn the tide?


Rather than waiting for the sky to fall, I prefer continuing to be dazzled by the beauty of it all.  I’m still a lover in these dangerous times.  How does that serve to turn the tide?  Alone, it will not…but there are many of us.  Togetherness turns the tide…one way or the other.  Let’s stay lovers in these dangerous times and assist in turning the tide toward the nurturing and nourishment of all.


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