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Hunger For Happiness

                                       A Hunger For Happiness?
                                              An Gorta Mór
                                         “The Great Hunger”

The experience of happiness means different things to different people and cultures.  This past year I’ve worked on two separate projects; one addressing hunger, the other happiness. They’re intrinsically enmeshed one to the other.  I’d only intellectually grasped how much so before this year of deep inquiry.

Clearly, if one has an empty bowl, an empty belly, if our children are hungry, then our primary concern is to find nourishment followed closely by seeking shelter.  An Gorta Mór comes from the Gaelic; meaning Great Hunger.  The Irish used that term to describe the potato famine of the early 19th century, when a blight on the one crop that provided the most calories for that impoverished country, failed for a series of years.  A million people starved.  A million more found passage to America in the pursuit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Let’s say, for a delusional moment, that we could suspend the notion that hunger is not an issue in America.  This is the country where millions of families have come from somewhere else seeking opportunities in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  If we’ve been able to quell the hunger in our belly, only then can we begin to wonder how to satisfy our extended hunger for a sense of overall prosperity.  Even in the midst of our struggle for survival, An Gorta Mór cries out in our bewildered search for meaning, for love and belonging, acceptance and appreciation, recognition and respect.  The hunger becomes enmeshed in what The Happiness Initiative Project (HIPinthe253) yearns to address, advance and advocate:  A new paradigm, a restructured economy based on the measurement of well~being as experienced within the collective community.  (see: Measuring Happiness)

I’ve never experienced true physical hunger, so I’ve had the luxury of An Gorta Mór for an economy of well~being that supports each one to be seen and heard, honored and counted, to matter.  Have you taken the Survey?  (see: Take The Survey).  Does your score measure your innate hunger to create and express?  How about to find meaning and connection within your own community?  How about contentment and satisfaction with the way things are where you live?  Co-founder of HIPinthe253, Ana Maria Sierra and I, often discuss the chasm between our ‘imagined’ life and the one we’re living day to day here in the 253.  This awareness of what is and what could be fuels my deep yearning to promote The Happiness Initiative Project here in Tacoma/Pierce County and beyond.

Now that I have learned how vast is the need within our community for emergency food distribution, how the growing numbers of people in my community live with daily/weekly food insecurity and scarcity, my resolve is ever more keen.  We must do what we can where we can.  To the further understanding and correction of the enmeshment of hunger to happiness, I devote myself.

Giving Is Good !!!

GIVING IS GOOD !  It improves health, spreads wealth, strengthens bonds and best of all…It’s Contagious!  (from the cover of ODE Magazine December 2011)

And it’s easy!  Today is the last day to feel Good about Doing a Good Thing and get a  2011 Tax Deduction.

Circumstances for so many of us in this Hella Year 2011 may prevent us from donating to all the Doers Of Good Deeds across the globe.  Don’t you wish you could?  I DO!

But  ~hereinthe253~   We can GO LOCAL and support Women (and their children) even in a small way, by donating what we are able to a few of the important organizations providing resources and much needed Help in our community Every Day.  Just $5 to each sends a message to my heart that I care and $5 from Many of Us…Adds Up.  Below are some of my favorites, but my no means All of my favorites.  ~hereinthe253~  we have an amazing number of wonderful non-profits that struggle daily to Help and Provide for our sisters and brothers in need.  And we must remember that…there but for the grace of God go you or I.   Namaste

Catherine Place
a growing movement of hospitality and hope for women

Breast Cancer Resource Center
because no one should have to face breast cancer alone

eliminating racism~empowering women   

The Fund For Women and Girls  (TGTCF)
Girl Friend to Girl Friend/Power of The Purse

New Phoebe House
recovery is beautiful

Crystal Judson Family Justice Center
offering hope and safety

Compassionate Blessings for a better way in this New Year 2012