The Turning Point

After a time of decay comes the Turning Point. The powerful light that has been banished returns. There is movement but it is not brought about by force. The movement is natural, arising spontaneously. For this reason the transformation of the old is easy. The old is discarded and the new is introduced. Both measures accord with the time; therefore No Harm Results.

i Ching

The Chinese character FU means Turning Point. It also means Recovery as well as Return.

One day, 22 years ago, I was contemplating a suitable name for my healing arts practice. I closed my eyes and opened the i Ching, the Chinese Oracle or book of changes. As fate would have it, I opened to the character FU…The Turning Point. It was perfect because that very day, a client had described to me what my work had meant for her….she told me with much sincerity and emotion that our sessions together had ushered in a turning point in her recovery.

That day was a turning point for me as well. Every day since has seen some kind of transformation…from minor to mega. The Turning Point became for me, a way of being in and seeing the way of the world with more ease…more grace…and more acceptance of what Is…a way of noticing what is occurring in reality… in the moment. I came to comprehend in a new way that there is always movement. Everything changes either for better or for worse. When the movement is allowed to commence in it’s own time…naturally….there can be easy transformation. That can sometimes seem agonizingly slow. Sometimes movement is forced and then there can often be more difficulty…maybe even harm. Being innately impatient, I prefer movement to move along…with encouragement…albeit gently if need be, but this is merely a preference. I am clear that it is not necessarily up to me to make that determination. Most important for me to remember is The Time. How it arrives informs Everything. In an earlier time, I used to subscribe to the adage that time is nothing…timing is everything! It might be true.

(This is my first blog. Each entry after this may have another theme, but the overriding influence in my posts and musings is Change…and change begins with The Turning Point!)

How about You?  What was your ‘turning point’ that prompted ‘movement’ in your life?

Take good care.  Blessed Be!

6 thoughts on “The Turning Point”

  1. This is a very thoughtful and relevant piece. We’re all in a dance with change. Sometimes fighting so hard against it and other times striving, usually unproductively, to bring it on. Your words are a warm spring breeze, reminding me that just being is more than ok. Refreshment! Thank you. xoxo

  2. Love this topic. Every day can be a turning point.

    I have had many turning points in my five plus decades. Too many and too big to mention here. Every one was well worth the agony.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading it.

    Be well,

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