We Can Weave From Common Threads…

…a world of strength and beauty!

Oh, there is no end to the differences that separate us as cultures, societies, races, religions, communities, politics, genders, generations or opportunities. In the rare unchallenging or cheerful moment, it’s even possible to celebrate our differences.
Yet on most days, those moments are so idealistic and downright rare, they are scarcely noticed, let alone appreciated for the gifts they could bring to understanding in these complex times we live in now.

The polarization that our world’s ideologies appear to be drifting toward, implies and fortifies the notion of: This OR That, Us OR Them, Men OR Women, Against OR For. Equality challenges these polarities with the notion of: That AND This, Them AND Us, Women AND Men, For AND Against. I wish there were an intrinsically encoded ‘Non~Compete’ clause embedded in each of our most preciously held assumptions.

What if there were ways to re~imagine and redefine a future that blurred or defied accepted polarities? What if each, and every one of us developed a core appreciation of what each, and every one of us could bring to the other? What if we could view opposition as opportunity? What if we could become alchemists who stirred discord into harmony?

I recently had an opportunity to chat with a beautiful, spiritual women about our common passions, pains, disappointments and concerns. She is a woman in my community who feels deeply, dedicates herself to the service of others…with her particular attentions directed toward the issues concerning women and youth. We acknowledged that we share these focuses in common, and yet, as she is a woman of color, and I am of the so~called dominate culture here, it felt as though we were also, individually and silently, forced to acknowledge the differences and assumptions that have defined our lives.

As we took our leave of each other, we embraced and in that moment I felt a deep stirring within and a certainty that we could learn something of value from each other, help and influence each other, create something of lasting importance together. I don’t know what that might be. I am invariably assuming it would have something to do with our ‘common’ interests and concerns. But, there might be something beyond This OR That and even beyond This AND That. There might be a 3rd Way we haven’t imagined as yet. A way that is yet to be revealed. An alchemy of ingredients and conditions we have yet to consider that would bring us the pleasure and satisfaction of co~creating.

She and I may never find the time nor the presence to look more deeply into what we can bring to each other or create together…but I will not ignore that in the realm of all possibility, we could: Weave from common threads a world of strength and beauty. I see this as more than a possibility. I see this as a way of life. I see this as more than a desire. I see this a way of being in community and togetherness. And so I pray that it be so.

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