What Do You Need?….why?

Do you feel as if you have what you need?  Do you feel as if you can get what you need?  Do you know what you need?  Are your current needs basic to your survival?  Can these needs be met?  Are your needs, at the moment, more existential?  Do you need a purpose, a mission, a raison d’etre? Do you need a friend?  Do you need more time?  Do you wish you didn’t have so many needs?

An amazing amount of our life force is concerned with meeting our needs, real or imagined.   If you are living in the NW corner of the United States of America, have access to a computer, are on FaceBook, or somehow randomly found this obscure blog, it is likely your most basic needs are being met.  You have the luxury of concerning yourself with what you think you need.  You can even focus on what you think you want!

What do you want?  Why?  Are you sure?  What if you had what you think you want right now?  What would that mean?  How would your life be different?  Would there be a dramatic difference?  Would you be a different person? In what way?  Is that what you want?  Why?

It could be argued that we are mere slaves to our needs…real or imagined, and prisoners of our wants and desires. Is that true for you? Is there any way you could free yourself if that is true? Would you? Do you need to?

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