Why Wait?

Why Wait?

So many things to do!
So many ways to procrastinate!
So many adventures on the ‘Someday’ list!
So many excuses not to do them now!
So many missed opportunities!
So many choices!
So many options!
So many changes!

Wait!  Wait!  Don’t tell me!

Is it because there isn’t enough time?
Is it because there isn’t enough money?
Is it because of fear?
Is it because of ill health?
Is it because of fatigue?
Is it because of lack of imagination?
Is it because of lack of information?
Is it because of too much information?

Wait!  Wait!  Is any of that True?

Is it really true?
Is it true only for you?
Is it true for everyone but you?
Was it true yesterday?
Will it be true tomorrow?

Wait!  Wait!

Any minute, everything can change.
Any minute everything does change.
Any minute you could become ill.
Any minute you could lose what makes you feel secure.
Any minute you’re life could end.

Why Wait?

Start now.
Make a plan.
Throw caution to the wind.
Take a deep breath.
Make the first move.
Take the next step.
Don’t look back.
Don’t look too far ahead.
Be here Now…..

Wait no more!

2 thoughts on “Why Wait?”

    1. I was inspired by the unexpected! It is always with us. So many endings, changes of fortune, left turns to the hospital….I’d like to leave with No Regrets (for having Not done what I could have, was able to, always wanted to, didn’t take time for, etc.) Life is tragic and amazing. No getting around it. Want to go through is as gracefully as possible!

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